Neal & Leandra - Dancing With A Ghost

This recording reflects the uncertainty we all face in life, and what we’re left with when it’s all said and done. We have had friends who have died, who have lost children, who have lost relationships. We have lost Leandra’s dad, our ‘Poppy’ and ‘Mr. Don’, and ‘Dad’. We had our own scare when, even in the middle of making this CD, we didn’t know if Leandra had cancer (she didn’t) or would be able to sing again because of surgery that threatened her vocal nerves. In the process we have been reduced to the bare essentials of life and the only certainty that will pull us through all these things: our ability and decision to love. We hope the loss and the subsequent hope reflected in these songs brings comfort and always drives us back to what is important.

Dancing With a Ghost marks the 20th anniversary of us as a duo. We are grateful to all of you for listening to our music and coming to the concerts.

We made this recording differently from any of our others. We chose musicians who we trusted implicitly and – after recording our guitar and vocal tracks – told them to lay down whatever felt right to them, then pass it to the next person and we would see what happened. This has been a lesson in letting go for us, and maybe this is the right CD on which to do it, as many of the songs deal with the losses we all accumulate in our lives.

These songs are dedicated to all of us who are still scuffing our shoes against the ground, looking for ways to fly.

ā€” Neal & Leandra

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