Leandra Peak - The Honeysuckle Vine - Lullabies for Everybody

When I was a child playing with dolls, I noticed something. My playmates had their dolls engage in lots of activities - parties, school events, Olympic sports... My favorite thing to do was to have my dolls take a nap. I enjoyed nothing more than wrapping them up in a blanket, singing a lullaby, and having them lie down and rest. And then I would lie down next to them and pretend to sleep. Even then, I believed that the world was a very busy place and that rest was key. Nothing has changed for me, except I think the world is even busier than I realized. This recording is my offering to any of you who might need a break - dolls included. Because everybody needs a lullaby.

This record exists because of Neal’s persistence. A huge thank you to him for the beautiful songs, the unwavering support, and the smile on his face when he heard the first demo. Thanks to Kate Mackenzie for opening the door on this project when I thought it was closed. Thank you to Dan Schwartz for getting the ball rolling and for gorgeous instrumental work. To all the musicians who gave their time and talent to these songs - I am humbled and honored to get to work with such creative and lovely people - thank you all. A special thanks to Beth Harrison and Peter Mayer for a friendship that is one of the best gifts to come out of this crazy business. Rob Genadek – thanks for putting the "G" back in genius, for your great ears, even greater patience, and keeping the lights low in my favorite room. Mom, thank you for singing to me when I was little – there would be no songs without you. Madeline, thanks for being the first, and sweetest, of all the listeners. Finally, thank you to the many friends and audience members who have told me over the years how my singing soothed and relaxed them - I hope you meant it!

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