Neal & Leandra - A Hundred Years from Now

25 years ago we started a grand experiment as Neal & Leandra. We have been everywhere in the U.S. in that time, literally and figuratively. We have slept on the couches of strangers and in luxury hotels; played in coffee houses to a handful of disinterested people who did not know - or care - who we were, and in packed auditoriums for fans who knew every word of our songs. Sometimes in the same week. We have been headliners who audiences came to see, and openers who audiences wanted to chase offstage as soon as possible. Sometimes in the same week. We have received awards which we coveted to make us "legitimate" as singer/songwriters and performers; and we have been passed up for those same awards many times, leaving us wondering if we were frauds. We have watched some peers "make it big" - although "make it big" is certainly an oxymoron in folk music - and others, equally talented, never seem to get out of the shadows. We have felt like each of those at different times. We have poured our hearts out on paper and stage. We have been rewarded monetarily to the point where we could make our living for all these years, but mostly we have been rewarded in intangibles. The funny stories that have arisen from years on the road; the letters we have gotten from fans about how our music has had an impact in their daily lives; the unusual gift of working out our own lives in song; and a friendship that has survived intact after all these years.

25 years ago we started this grand experiment. A hundred years from now, all of this angst and striving and laughter and sadness and love and desire and letting go will mean something different. So, we're 25 years older than when we began, and we can see that it really does pass in the blink of an eye. It is strangely comforting to know this, as we head into whatever the next 25 years holds. Thanks for floating with us down this stretch of the river.

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